JUNE 14 – 16, 2018

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JUNE 14 TO 16, 2018


How does the gospel shape our response to the most vulnerable ones around us: refugees, fatherless, widows? It’s a question that arises not just from Deuteronomy but from the whole Scriptures. It’s a question we followers of the Lord Jesus must answer, with our words and our lives. Biblical teaching and personal stories will call us to embody gospel-centered love for a needy world.

Thursday, June 14

Do you ever feel bombarded with words? Words that do us harm. Words that cut. Words that shame. Angry words. Empty words. Self-promotional words. At TGCW18, we’ll gather to immerse ourselves in God’s life-giving word of truth, the gospel. We’ll hear the living God of the universe speak personally to us in the book of Deuteronomy. We’ll hear his words of appeal, calling us urgently to remember his faithfulness and turn from our unfaithfulness. We’ll hear his words of promise, spoken to rebel-hearted people like you and me. We’ll hear his words of instruction, pointing us to embrace the gospel of grace that shapes every aspect of our lives—from worship practices to caring for needy ones around us, to promoting justice, to nurturing families, and on and on. We’ll hear his words of renewal, offering life through redemption in his Son. We’ll aim to listen well to these God-breathed words—and live in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us for a conference that’s for women but not all about women. It’s about exalting the Lord Jesus and growing together in his Word. Plenary speakers will expound key passages from Deuteronomy, to help us take it in deeply and personally.

Teaching from the Word . . . fellowship around the Word . . . hearing the voices of sisters living out the Word all over the world . . .  TGCW18. 

We’ll sing and celebrate this Word of grace. A host of workshop speakers will address topics that show in practical ways how God’s grace shapes every aspect of life in this fallen and needy world.

Teaching from the Word . . . fellowship around the Word . . . hearing the voices of sisters living out the Word all over the world . . .  TGCW18.

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